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At Purcellville Dental Care in VA we create dentures that are more realistic and comfortable than ever. A partial denture or a complete denture as it is often called, is an appliance that is inserted in the mouth, replaces natural teeth and provides support for the cheeks and lips.
Most dentures are made of acrylic and can be fabricated two different ways.

A conventional denture is a flesh-colored acrylic base that fits over your gums. The base of the upper denture covers the roof of your mouth (palate). The lower denture is shaped like a horseshoe to make room for your tongue. The dentures are made after all teeth have been extracted and the tissues (gums) have healed which may take several months.

Dentures are custom made for every individuals mouth.

An ‘immediate’ denture is fabricated and inserted immediately after the teeth are extracted and the tissues are allowed to heal under the denture.

With immediate dentures you never have to be without your teeth. They have to be relined several months after being inserted however.

Partial Denture

A partial denture may be necessary when several but not all teeth are missing. These rest on a metal framework that attaches onto your natural teeth and rest upon anchors or crowns that are placed for security.

The teeth are made of plastic, porcelain or a combination thereof. Dentures can be fabricated to fit over endodontically treated teeth and a complete denture can be attached to dental implants to allow for a more secure fit of the appliance. You never have to worry about them moving around or falling out while speaking, eating or laughing!

How Long Does it Take to Get Used to Dentures?

It may take a while to get used to any new dentures. They may feel strange or awkward at first for the first few weeks or even months. Eating and speaking will take some practice. Eventually the muscles of your mouth and tongue will learn to hold them in place more naturally. You should not experience any irritation however, and if you do please contact us.

Tips for Denture Care

Dentures over a normal course of time will wear and need to be replaced or relined or rebased in order to keep the jaw alignment normal.
Rebasing means making a new base while keeping the existing denture teeth.

The alignment will slowly change as the bone and gum ridges recede or shrink due to the extraction of the teeth.

Dentures are delicate and can break if dropped. Don’t let them dry out. Place them in a denture cleanser soaking solution or plain water.

Brush them daily to remove deposits and plaque as well as brush your gums, tongue and palate every morning with a soft bristled brush before inserting them.

If they do break, chip or crack contact our office. Don’t try to adjust them yourself.
Regular dental examinations are still important for the denture wearer so that the oral tissues can be checked for disease or change.

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