Dental Implant Restoration

Dental Implant Restoration Purcellville, VA

Dental implants in Purcellville, VA are the most natural way to restore a person’s smile. But once in a great while a dental implant itself will need a restoration process. This can be due to an injury, gum disease or an original lack of fusion with the jawbone. 

If you are having trouble with your existing dental implants it is important to schedule an appointment with our office so we may examine you right away and determine the cause to see if dental implant restoration is necessary.

Dental Implant Problems

Dental implants have a very high success rate and problems with them are actually quite rare.

If there is an issue, one of them may be that the implant could become loose or the crown portion could crack or fall off.

The possibility of this occurring may be because osseointegration never fully took place. This is the part where the titanium implant fuses with the actual jawbone. If that process does not fully complete, your implants could become loose in the future.
Also, if a patient develops gum disease over time or develops an infection that deteriorates the bone, the implant could become loose and fail.

If you notice any signs of redness, swelling, toothache pain and bleeding gums please call our office.

What to do if your implant has become loose?

Contact our office right away. The dental implant won’t tighten on its own and the problem won’t correct itself.
If the actual dental crown portion has become cracked or damaged, that can be replaced without needing to replace the post.

If your tooth has fallen off and you have it, please bring it with you.
If not we can examine it and let you know if the crack can be repaired without actually removing the crown.

Dr. Ali can then replace it in a minimally invasive manner or the dental lab will create a new one.

If the implant has fractured, we will examine it and treat it with a bonding material or replace it.

Replacing a loose dental implant

If the implant has indeed become loose or failed completely it may need to be removed.

A bone graft may be necessary to ensure you have a solid base to have a new implant be placed.

If you do need a bone graft it can take six to nine months for the graft to be complete so that you can have a new implant placed.

Will my other implants become loose?

Keep in mind that its rare for one dental implant to fail so just because one does, it doesn’t mean that others will.

If the loose implant was due to an injury however, it’s important to have all your teeth examined with x-rays to make sure that none of the others were damaged.
At Purcellville Dental Care in Purcellville, VA your complete oral health is our main priority.

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